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03. März 2019

NOVA ROCK 2019 - Bandwelle #3

In gut drei Monaten geht's wieder auf die Pannonia Fields II im schönen Nickelsdorf :) Mittlerweile wurde die zweite Bandwelle…
03. März 2019

New website online!

So happy to announce that my new website is FINALLY online! After one year full of development processes, trashing/dumping ideas/code…
Photography is my passion

Photography is my passion

Hey guys! :)

I've started my photography-career in 2011. After doing a lot of architecture and sport photography, I've found my real passion for concert and festival photography.

Working for bands like Arch Enemy, Heaven Shall Burn, TURBOBIER and many more is quite fun and always a challenge to set them into the right light.

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Stefan Tschapeller Photography